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Memory Locket Red - Large
Memory Locket Red - LargeMemory Locket Red - LargeMemory Locket Red - Large

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Beautiful locket measuring 30mm in diameter. The locket is composed of high quality stainless steel with glass front and back, and a red enamel surround. The locket unscrews so can be easily opened in order to pop in charms and back plates. This size locket can fit up to around 10 charms.


Choose to complement your locket with either an 18" stainless steel chain, a 30" stainless steel chain, or a stainless steel keyring.


Once you've chosen a locket browse our Memory Locket Charms and choose a few for us to pop in your locket for you. Don't worry about choosing too many - we'll send any extras in a little gift bag and you can swap around the charms in your locket as often as you like!

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